World Music AOTY at the JUNO AWARDS

By 5 April 2016Events, News

Yes! Last Saturday I won the World Music AOTY Award at the JUNO’s in Calgary. I did’nt know what to expect and I just said to myself that I would’nt win, that way I would’nt be disapointed. And I was’nt. I won. Shoutout to all the other artists who where in my category  (Alex Cuba, Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra, Soul Jazz Orchestra, Lemon Bucket Orchestra), an honor to be nominated among such great musicians and artists.

I did’nt prepare any speech and the emotion made me forget the names of the people and organisations I wanted to thank properly. So here it is: Thanks to everybody who shows love, buys the albums, come to the shows, gets involved promoting and interacting on the social medias, makes stuff happen.

And also, personally, thanks to: Guillaume Decouflet, Arts & Crafts, Étienne Lebel, Ian Lettre, Jean Massicotte, Denis Wolff, Justine Proust, Maisonnette, Marie-Ève Rochon, Jérémie Pelletier, Bonsound, Sergio Barrenechea, Kiko Osorio, Serge Nakauchi Pelletier, JS Peron, Gobi & Riwal, TonTon, Mel Puljic, Fli Artists, Musicaction, Factor, Starmaker Radio Fund, Canadian Council for the arts, Conseil des Arts du Québec, SOCAN, ADISQ and, of course The JUNOS!

Thanks a lot people, more good things to come soon!